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Herbal Energy Centre owns and suppliers Homeobotanical formulas to health professionals.

The Herbal Energy Centre Website is currently being updated.
These will allow our clinic & mentoring clients to be able to book sessions and product on the Herbal Energy Centre’s site. will be our dedicated site for our Health Professional, allowing us to support health professionals with training options, online ordering and an listing for active users of Homeobotanical products.
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The Herbal Energy Centre provides Homeobotanical products exclusively to qualified practitioners and students. Our classic herb range and activator creams can be used and prescribed to clients as part of their treatment plan.



The Materia Medica and Repertory has been created to assist both health professionals and students in the skillful use and clinical application of Homeobotanical Therapy. The material adds value to both your practice methods and clients.



We endeavour to include only suitably qualified Health Professionals who offer Homeobotanical Therapy and highly recommend you check that the listed practitioner does actually dispense Homeobotanical formulas.

Bernadette Bekker

Bernadette Bekker is the current Owner and Managing Director of The Herbal Energy Centre.

A qualified and experienced practitioner in Homeobotanical Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy and Aromatherapy, Bernadette continues to be actively involved with the day to day management of the Herbal Energy Centre and continues to see clients in clinic by appointment

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