Homeobotanical Products Chart

Homeobotanical formulas (abbreviated to “Hb”) are fundamentally a ‘mix-and-match’ system of prescribing.

The major presenting symptoms in every client are matched to a selection of Hb formulas from over forty-two main formulations (The Classic Range). For instance, a woman having migraines with her periods might be prescribed the combination Hb M, F (ie, HbM [Migraine], HbF [Female Formula I]) to be taken three drops, three times a day.

The amount of each of those two concentrates would be determined by the Practitioner to match the intensity of symptoms in the client.

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The final prescription is diluted and potentised (energised) by succussion, which is the process used in Homeopathy to develop the full range of healing potential in a remedy.

In addition there are specialised Homobotanical formulations, such as the New Zealand Native Herb Range and the Cream Activator Range. Designed to support you in your clinic. Contact us for further information.

Since 2010 there is only one system of nomenclature for Homeobotanicals in use [please view the chart] – eg, Hb A [Allergy]. This system is now used world-wide.


The Materia Medica and Repertory has been created to assist both practitioner and students in the skillful use and clinical application of Homeobotanical Therapy.