About Homeobotanicals

Homeobotanical Therapy is a New Zealand developed Mix & Match system of formulas developed by Brian Murray in the early 1980’s.

Aware that many clients could not afford the cost of herbal tinctures dispensed by practitioners, Brian Murray decided that a different approach was required. The Homeobotanical range have been designed to assist the practitioner in achieving clinical outcomes.  What started as a few basic formulas, the homeobotanical range has developed over the years to the comprehensive collection we see today. 

The range is cost effective for the practitioner, and affordable to your clients. One of the core beliefs behind Homeobotanical Therapy is to ensure a cost effective and affordable range of health care is available to the general community through their health practitioner.

Bernadette Bekker became a certified  practitioner in Homeobotanical Therapy In 1996. She had discovered Homeobotanical Therapy while dealing with her own health issues. After experiencing health improvements, Bernadette included Homeobotanical Therapy as a integral part of her clinical practice.

What is Homeobotanical Therapy?

  • Energy medicine
  • Utilizes a Mix and Match system
  • Designed to be part of your treatment plan
  • Covers many healthcare applications
  • Formulas are suitable for all ages
  • Therapeutics based on homeopathic and botanical indications

In some countries Homeobotanical therapy has been known as Dynamic Phytotherapy 

When making an appointment with your practitioner remember to check:

  • Your Practitioner does dispense Homeobotanicals
  • What other supportive therapies are offered

Homeobotanical consultations should included a detailed health assessment

The Materia Medica and Repertory has been created to assist both practitioner and students in the skillful use and clinical application of Homeobotanical Therapy.